Sneak Peak: A look at Project Union-Street’s upcoming social-media platform – in development.


CollabGadget is Project: Union-Street’s upcoming social-media platform, which is currently being developed. Initially born out of a scrapped 2D interactive venue tour application project, and from Project: Union-Street News-Room development as a whole – the new platform will have familiar features mixed in with brand new ones unique to Project: Union-Street, as well as hardware integration for user-end pairing to Project: Union-Street built computers/devices (when said machines eventually become available, eventually). While initially users may see Collabgadget as a mere technical improvement to News-Room, the real aim will be at giving users a brand new dedicated space to converse and share their own original art, music, drawings, poetry, etc. While a release date on this new application is still a ways off, our beta-group program has been running a pre-release build for some time now – on an invite only basis.