Call-For-Art/Music: Developing new series at a major venue(s) in Westland, Michigan.


A major venue is potentially interested in collaborating with Project: Union-Street Interactive Studios to fill a large space with visual art and/or live music – on a semi reoccurring basis, giving metro-detroit another new outlet for fun, networking,  and creativity. Therefor we are in the planning stages of development towards this new series of showcases. We haven’t fully ironed anything out yet except for the location. We want this to be a big event with a large draw – we are aiming these events at creative/arty types, and music lovers. Event layout, set design, and overall flow of potential showcases has not been decided, and is open for discussion. We want this to be fun, but safe – 21+ music/art event. Our first event in the new series will be planned months out to ensure quality events everyone will remember fondly for years to come. If you are potentially interested in being a part of this discussion, or even a part of this potentially epic upcoming series – Scan the QR code below and get in touch.

Potential ideas: Live bands, Arts & Crafts Show, Live Paintings, Theme Nights, Video Games/Tournaments, Limited-size Art-installations,

Merch Table, Acoustic Nights, Art-Nights, Music/Art Theme Nights.